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Have your cake and eat it with brilliant food tours around the globe

Spoil your taste buds and explore the different cuisines of the world on your next holiday. There is no better way of getting to know a culture than eating its food and talking to people in local restaurants. Next time you are looking for things to do in Barcelona, enjoy a variety of tapas in a Spanish restaurant.

Have a Spanish night out in Barcelona’s tapas bars

Eating tapas is a typical thing to do in Barcelona. Tapas are a variety of usually cold appetizers such as olives, anchovies, meatballs, tomatoes and cheese. Sit back in one of the many fantastic restaurants or tapas bars in Barcelona and enjoy the delicious Spanish cuisine. It is common to have one tapa and one small drink at a bar and then to go the next bar and do the same. This is a great way of seeing Barcelona. Walk through the city and visit La Boqueria Market, one of the best-loved food markets in Barcelona. Then make your way through narrow streets to the chocolate shop Xocolateria Fargas, which offers everything chocolate lovers could ask for.

Spend a dinner and folklore evening in Prague

One of the best things to do in Prague is to enjoy a typical Czech dinner.  Tuck into a traditional Czech meal while enjoying folklore dancers and musicians performing for you. The folklore program gives you a glimpse into the vibrant Czech culture, where the steps and melodies are passed down through generations. This evening is the perfect ending after a long sightseeing tour through Prague. Make sure you try the world-famous Czech beer, like Pisner Urquell or Budweiser Budvar.

Eat the best pizza in New York

Munch pizza in Brooklyn’s best pizza restaurants as part of a New York City Walking tour. The Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour will take you through the borough and show you famous monuments and landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge. Enjoy a multi-media sightseeing tour of Brooklyn and drive up to movie locations where you will be able to watch the relevant clip in your vehicle. Afterwards skip the legendary queues at the famous Grimaldi’s in New York.  Its mouth-watering Neapolitan pizzas come straight out of the coal-fired brick oven, which give the pizza the unique smoky flavour and a crisp crust. Then move on to L&B Spumoni Gardens and try a square shaped Sicilian pizza with dough over an inch thick. 

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