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The Channel Hoppers Guide to Normandy

Guide to Normandy

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This really useful, easy-to-read guide contains everything you need to know to fully enjoy and appreciate a break in coastal Normandy. Savour the history and architecture, salivate over the flavours and texture of creamy Norman cooking, enjoy the different sights and sounds that are exclusively found in each of the towns covered in this guide.

The guide covers the following coastal regions of Normandy

  • Dieppe is the oldest and some say the prettiest of the French ports. Some refer to it as the Brighton of France....yet it is so typically French. 
  • Le Havre was once a little fishing village but having been bombed flat has been completely rebuilt. The focal point is The Volcano, within which there is a cinema, theatre and restaurants. It has to be seen.
  • Rouen is the setting for Flaubert's famous character Madame Bovary. And historically, it is Joan of Arc country, and as such has a number of monuments and museums dedicated to this saint. Mixed in with the history is beauty, charm, and an extremely whacky church right in the middle of the main square - a truly lovely place to visit.
  • Honfleur - exquisitely beautiful and quaint fishing port, which was the inspiration for the birth of Impressionism.
  • Deauville - join the jet setters during the American film festival or even the horse racing and enjoy the style and elegant chic of the town.
  • Bayeux - a small town which is home to the Bayeux tapestry. You will discover the history of William the Conqueror from the French point of view
  • Caen- a town full of fantastic and historical architecture. The town also is a great place to stock up on wine or your favourite tipple.
  • Cherbourg - a pleasant town, with a lovely beach, and some great shopping, especially wine, beer and of course Calvados.
  • Mont St Michel - travel down the causeway to visit this magnificent island monastery, whose foundations go back a millennium. A magical pilgrimage site which was literally a dream comes true.

Also included in the guide are:

  • Sights and museums
  • Shopping & shopping ideas
  • Markets
  • Norman cuisine - food and drink
  • Restaurants and help with the menu
  • Hotels
  • Practical information
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