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The Channel Hoppers Guide to
Calais, Boulogne, Dunkerque, Le Touquet & St Omer.

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The best antidote to the taxman!

New Revised Edition - this guide now contains a section on the fabulous medieval town of Saint Omer just a 45 minute drive from Calais

The Chancellor is still taxing the nation into sobriety and Channel Hopping is still the best shopping tonic to raise the British Spirit.

An astounding 18 million Channel crossings are made each year to stock up for parties, celebrations or just for a day out. Everyone agrees it's a great trip, but to make it complete, nothing can top a bargain. With savings of at least £1.50 on a bottle of wine and even greater savings on beer and spirits, Calais and Boulogne offer rich pickings for the shopping traveller!

So where do you shop? What do you buy? Where can you eat, sleep and sightsee?

You could spend your time at tourist information offices, or blindly drive around the lattice of commercial streets in the hope of following a car with a GB sticker who may know something you don't. Or, you could take The Channel Hopper's Guide to Calais with you. This amazing fact-packed publication, no bigger than a European passport, is a bible of information about shopping and leisure in Calais and Boulogne.

Its 144 full colour pages feature the best in hypermarkets, supermarkets, cash and carries and fine wine outlets together with prices, recommendations, full directions and maps, opening hours, methods of payment and whether wine tasting is available. You can even pinpoint your favourite tipple by using comparison tables and find out where a bottle of beer costs as little as 11p and a bottle of quaffable wine costs just £1.00. And if its bubbly you want, you can expect up to 50% savings on non-vintage champagnes.

But it is not all about drink. There is also a multitude of other products which are far cheaper in France, such as tobacco, bicycles, olive oil, mustard and coffee amongst many other goodies! The guide also takes you on a tour of French epicurean delights from cheese, bread and other splendid regional specialties as well as restaurants, hotels and of course the sights. Best of all are the many special offers - such as FREE wine, and discounts - throughout the guide that are exclusively available to the readers of The Channel Hopper's Guide to Calais adding even more value to your trip!

Packed with essential tips and information, the guide takes all the headache out of your day trip - all prices are in sterling and there's even a quick currency converter so you can leave your calculator at home. A bargain is only a page turn away!

Retailing at £5.99, The Channel Hopper's Guide to Calais is available in major book stores or by mail order direct from the publishers, Passport Guide Publications, 19 Morley Crescent, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 8XE. Tel: 020-8905 4851.

Online via PayPal

Or send you cheque for £5.89 (£4.99 plus p&p) to Passport Guide Publications, 19 Morley Crescent, Edgware HA8 8XE

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