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Explore the Largest Animal Theme Park in the World

Disney's Animal Kingdom, opened in 1998, is the newest theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort. Disney's first park to be entirely based around animal conservation, the Animal Kingdom illustrated a direct step by the Walt Disney Company towards animal protection, which has since been further taken by the newest Disney brand Disney Nature.

Stepping into the Animal Kingdom, visitors are surrounded by lush greenery, trees and animal at every turn, making a visit to the Animal Kingdom more of an expedition than a day out at a theme park. In the centre of the park, much like Magic Kingdom, is the Tree of Life. Standing at over 145 foot tall and 50 foot wide, the Tree of Life is carved with 325 animals, and is one of the most spectacular sights in the entire Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney's Animal Kingdom is made up of 6 sections each with a different focus. In classic Disney style, Mickey and Minnie Mouse can both be found in the park at Camp Minnie-Mickey. Dressed as safari explorers, guests can meet Mickey and Minnie as well as a few of their other friends. Camp Minnie-Mickey is also home to The Festival of the Lion King, a spectacular stage show in the round, where performers re-create Disney's most famous animated movie. The Festival of the Lion King was the original inspiration for the smash hit musical "The Lion King".

Harambe, a fictional east African village is the second area within Disney's Animal Kingdom and is home to the main attraction of the Animal Kingdom, the Kilimanjaro Safari. Guests climb on board a safari jeep and explore the animal park hopefully seeing a wide array of animal such as elephants, giraffes, zebra, big cats and many more. During the safari, there is a detour to try an apprehend some poachers found in the park, highlighting to the visitors the number threat to animals in Africa, Man.

Rafiki's Planet Watch is slightly separate from the main areas of the park, an shows visitors a behind the scenes look at the operations of the Disney Animal Kingdom park.

The kingdom of Anandapur is the fourth area of the park and is a fictional Asian kingdom. Home to the Maharajah jungle trek a walking safari to see komodo dragons and tigers, as well as the Kali River Rapids, a fast speed water ride in which you are sure to get wet! In the distance over the "Himalayas" is The Forbidden Mountain which houses the rollercoaster Expedition Everest, the newest and arguably most thrilling, adrenaline pumping Disney ride of all.

Lastly DinoLand USA, a step back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Mainly a younger children's play area, with a sand pit for unearthly dinosaur bones as well as few rides such as TriceraTop Spin. DinoLand USA is home however to DINOSAUR, a thrilling fast paced ride which takes you back in time to the late Cretaceous period where you are hunted by a hungry T-Rex!

Disney's Animal Kingdom is a great day out for the whole family and is included in any Disney Hopper Ticket

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