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Franco-Anglo Exchanges

There's an oft-repeated adage about life being better back in the good old days. For anyone travelling regularly between Paris and London however, the opposite rings true. With the abundance of air, rail and coach options between the two capitals and numerous other possibilities of ferries between the British Isles and the continental mainland, today's traveller is spoilt for choice! Gone is the age of the Golden Arrow and la Fleche d'Or, the luxury trains of the 1920s that carried their passengers at impressively high speeds from London to Dover and Calais to Paris respectively, linking with waiting cross-channel ferries.

So what does this mean for Franco-Anglo possibilities? A whole lot more than just weekends away in the French countryside! Students have long relished the possibility of study abroad programmes and with the increased availability of transport, there's now even more motivation than ever to study in France or England. Young and young at heart Brits are able to take advantage of the quality and strength of French classes in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseilles, while French students can now take English courses London, English courses Manchester or English courses Oxford and still be home for the holidays! Studying a foreign language in its native context is the most effective way to progress successfully, as many students at English courses Nottingham, French courses Grenoble or English courses Cambridge will be able to confirm.

Another form of exchange is available as an au pair, offering childcare or housekeeping services for six-months to a year's worth of accommodation and meals. Many young girls - and even boys! - pursue this opportunity to develop their language skills and to gain valuable life experience. If you feel a little too old for this kind of role, never fear! A lot of older Brits consider investing in French property, and with the popularity of regions such as the Dordogne and the Charente amongst English-speakers, you'll never feel too far from home in this idyllic French rural existence. There's something for everyone!

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